“Basically, we are very happy with the commercial and technical relationship with Arabsat and the cooperation between our teams. We actually see Arabsat as a partner. We appreciate the high professionalism of Arabsat teams. We believe Arabsat quality of service is one of the best among Satellite providers since your Satellites are new, the coverage areas are good and provide very good performance and support to our operations. ”
Kamal Fayed
Kamal Fayed - CTO
“Arabsat is one of the best Satellite operators I have ever dealt with. The coverage and the level of support encourages me to recommend it for the satellite bandwidth users in the region. I’m really glad to deal with such professional organization”
Mohamed Tangasawi
Senior Manager Carrier Relations and Regulatory
Zain SD
“I am sending this email to express my deep appreciation for the world class service we are getting from Arabsat.
Both Sales team as well as Technical support are showing their most effort to satisfy our needs”
Dr Mohamed Elghamry
Dr Mohamed Elghamry - CEO
“Our relation with Arabsat started in early 2008, when become our major Satellite provide, from that time we are experiencing a valuable relation through tremendous assistance provided and still in designing, implementing and sustaining satellite network services we provide across Sudan and Africa. I want to express our sincere appreciation to everyone at Arabsat for outstanding support during ongoing relation till moment.”
Abdel Mageid Elzain
Abdel Mageid Elzain - General Manager
“Skyband has been in business with Arabsat since “2007”; during which Arabsat has shown firm and good support to our teams, not to mention its commitment and reliability. We confidently label this period of business as a successful joint and proudly market it as a value adding partnership that we in Skyband are keen to maintain and extend.”
Walid Harati
Walid Harati - Deputy General Manager
SKYBAND – Saudi Inteltec
“Arabsat provides twofour54 intaj with Broadcast Satellite capacities, especially for contribution and backhauling of TV channels originating from our Playout Center in Abu Dhabi. We are very happy with the way the Arabsat team responds to our requests, and the genuine efforts they make to provide us with various alternative solutions.”
Hasan R. Sayed Hasan
Hasan R. Sayed Hasan - Head of Media Technology
“Arabsat is one of our trusted partners who enable us to deliver value to our customers and enrich our presence in the broadcasting space. Through our world-class teleport facilities – Samacom, we collaborate with Arabsat’s professionally managed team on various areas such as uplink of TV channels, data and other services for our customers in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.”
Mohamed Al Shahi
Mohamed Al Shahi - Senior Director