Satellite Services

Satellite Services

Contribution Services And Back-Haul

Arabsat can provide TV broadcasters within the MENA region with dedicated, full-time satellite transmission capacity for the back-haul of their video signals.

The service provides the digital compressed transmission, in Ku or C-band of one standard digital television signal within the coverage area of the Arabsat satellite on a full time basis 24/7,365 days.The service also includes the turnaround of digital signals already present on any of the Arabsat satellites.

Optional back-haul service is also available for digital television service customers only. The service provides for the collection of a digitally compressed signal from any location within the specified footprint of Arabsat satellites and its transmission in the Ku or C-band to the designated Arabsat Digital Television service offering locations. This option includes the turnaround of the digital signal from Arabsat satellites to either of BADR satellites at 26°East.

Occasional Tv

Our occasional use service offers an instant solution to broadcasters in the MENA region by quickly and directly granting access to Arabsat satellites capacity. Whenever you need an immediate connection, and regardless of the reason or the cause, our satellite occasional use service will connect you anytime, anywhere.

Satellite News Gathering (SNG) is now widely used in relaying major news events, breaking news, live sports or special events, as well as for the transmission of television news in rural and remote areas. So whether seeking to cover breaking news, or broadcasting a sports event around the world, our occasional use services will ensure that you have the right coverage at the right time, enabling you to reach everyone, everywhere 24/7, 365 days a year.

Arabsat satellites offers occasional use capacity across its fleet on its operating satellites: Arabsat-5C (20° East); BADR-4 and BADR-5 (26° East); Arabsat-5A (30.5° East); Hella Sat S2 (39° East); in addition to the other satellites capacity. 


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Platform Services
Endeavoring to moving our services next to our broadcasting customers, Arabsat has signed strategic alliances with Media Cities and Teleport Operators, whom providing teleport broadcast services & Up-linking facilities, in Amman, Dubai, Sharjah, Madrid, Beirut, Cairo, Kuwait and the coming soon new teleport alliance backed with Up-link facility in Riyadh.

Plan is also moving forward to finalizing similar Up-link facility at Arabsat’s subsidiary Hellas Sat premises in Cyprus. Arabsat also supported local broadcasters in their home countries by providing them access to Arabsat Media Access Points (MAPs) in Baghdad, Khartoum, Nouakchott, Manama and Rabat.

Arabsat media hubs strategic partners can provide simple and cost-effective up-linking of video, radio and broadcasting signals, enabling our customers to get their signal from their studios to exactly where they need it.

Service offerings:
Media cities offer full turnkey services including:
  • Turnaround
  • Tape , Program play-out
  • Scrambling / encryption
  • Video editing
  • Logo/Text message insertion
  • Monitoring and control
  • Digital multiplexing services, including statistical multiplexing
  • Standards conversion
  • This strategic alliances offer Arabsat customers a universe of resources they can use to solve their simplest to most complex video transmission challenges.