Feel the HD Difference!

The commercial adaptation of HDTV by the TV broadcasters in MENA countries is an important strategic development for Arabsat. Thus , Arabsat pioneered the HDTV channels broadcasting to its viewers to enjoy the stunning picture quality of High Definition TV at home through broadcasting 90+ channels on Arabsat BADR satellites @ 26°East .

With an unrivaled and unprecedented ability to transmit high-definition programming over Arabsat satellites anywhere in the MENA region, our customers can rest assured that they will continuously receive HD content round the clock.


  • HDTV video signals offer an increased image resolution by incrementing the number of scan lines and the number of pixels per each line.
  • HDTV signals offer up to 1080 active lines and 1920 pixels per line, instead of the 576 lines and 720 pixels per line provided by the PAL TV standard.
  • HDTV provides an increased resolution at progressive scan instead of interlaced scan, making the picture extremely sharp.
  • HDTV has a screen ratio of 16:9 on top of the standard 4:3 ratio