DTH Broadcasting

DTH Broadcasting

Announcing a whole new era of unprecedented reach, wider choices and new possibilities with the BADR constellation of satellites @ 26º East. Now you have more power to reach the largest and fastest-growing Arab community in the sky: over 170 million viewers enjoying more than 500 TV channels and 200 radio stations and still growing. Join the neighborhood!

More reach than ever

The ever-expanding and flexible footprints of Arabsat’s BADR satellites give you the choice to reach farther than ever: across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Central Asia with Market-Specific Spot beams across (Mashreq, Maghreb and Central-MENA).

More audiences than ever

Year after year, the Arabsat neighborhood at 26º East attracts millions of new audiences. Indeed, today the BADR satellites enjoy an unprecedented reach of 170 million viewers. And that neighborhood is growing faster than ever reaching 60% of MENA homes.

More choices than ever

Now you have more choices than ever to get closer to your audience and select your target with more digital platforms, more uplink points, more Arabsat offices to serve you across the region. And with the brand new state-of-the art BADR satellites, you now also have more business and technical flexibility to select the capacity exactly fitting your content rights. Joining our growing neighborhood and expanding your reach has never been easier.

More capacity than ever

Arabsat's BADR satellites bring more capacity than ever to the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Central Asia regions, ensuring ample bandwidth and power for future demand and opening exciting new possibilities for growth.

Now we have more space than any other operator covering the whole region for new thematic or ethnic channels, plus capacity uniquely designed to provide unrivalled in-orbit backup and accommodate the large space segment needs of the HDTV plus many others. And with the newly launched satellites, we’ll have all the extra capacity you need to support your long-term growth.


Arabsat Global Tv
Wherever in the world you are, whether you're studying in the U.S., living in South America, enjoying a Safari in Africa, discovering new business in Europe, or enjoying your honeymoon in the Far East or down under in Australia, now you can tune in to all your favorite Arabic TV programs just as if you were home, thanks to Arabsat.

The Global Arabic Bouquet (GAB) is part of our commitment to help Arabic viewers stay connected with their roots and culture from anywhere in the world. Through our global partners, we offer a powerful and cost-effective solution for any Arabic TV or radio program to reach audiences as far away as North and South America, Africa, the Far East, Australia-and beyond.

One bouquet, one frequency

Arabsat combines Arabic TV and radio channels into complete digital bouquets which are hosted on other satellites covering other parts of the world. Even better, Arabsat can combine all channels under one bouquet and one frequency, making it easier for your viewers to tune in. We offer almost total global coverage with excellent broadcast quality.

Finally, a simple, integrated solution to reach audiences globally

With the increasing number of Arabic channels everywhere, coupled with a confusing choice of satellite broadcasting services on various orbital slots, Arabic viewers are finding it more difficult to follow the latest Arabic shows and programs. Other than satellite access, the alternatives are costly and complicated. A tough regulatory environment for satellite services also makes leasing satellite slots from international operators simply inadequate for broadcasters.

To help broadcasters and viewers alike, Arabsat-in partnership with ASBU and GlobeCast-has created an integrated solution which now allow Arabic channels to use one platform and broadcast from within a single bouquet.

Main features

  • Lower costs, with a fixed price and various broadcasting coverage options
  • Higher viewership: selected satellites are the most watched, offering wider coverage
  • Excellent broadcast quality from the best satellite operators in the world
  • All-in-one bouquet of Arabic channels on the same satellite, using the same receiver as if the viewer were at home.
TV For Africa, See-Digit-All

Enjoy 40+ Channels, Free-to-Air!

Introducing "SEE-digit-ALL" the C-band African broadcasting service with two digital TV bouquets plus a number of extra channels at 20° East (on Arabsat-5C).

To satisfy the large demand expressed by our African viewers, Arabsat is now broadcasting 40+ Free-to-Air TV channels over large parts of Africa.

And more to come…

The broadcast of these two bouquets towards the African continent is Arabsat’s initial step towards an ambitious commitment to provide our African audience with the largest possible choice of FREE-to-AIR TV channels over Africa.


More channels will be added to these on Arabsat-5C, Arabsat's newest satellite at 20°East equipped with an innovative powerful C-band beam reaching all of the African continent households.

Tip: How to tune in to SEE-Digit-ALL channels using your existing dish and watch watch Free-To-Air TV Channels on Arabsat-5C @ 20°East?

  • Point your satellite dish to Arabsat-5C @ 20°East.
  • Retrofit your satellite dish LNB (Low Noise Block) by adding a dielectric slab or plate made from a properly-sized rectangular piece of Teflon and positioned in the circular throat at a 45° angle, as shown.

 * For best results, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional satellite dish installer to perform these steps.