Arabsat Participates in AFRICACOM Conference & Exhibition held in Cape Town - South Africa 15-17 Nov. 2016.

November 14 2016

Arabsat Participates in AFRICACOM Conference & Exhibition held in Cape Town - South Africa 15-17 Nov. 2016.

Riyadh - Cape Town - Cairo - Dubai - Paris - and news agencies in 14 - 11-2016

Arab Satellite Communications Organization – Arabsat – participates in AFRICACOM Conference & Exhibition held in Cape Town - South Africa during the period of 15-17 Nov. 2016.

Eng. Khalid bin Ahmed Balkhyour President & CEO of Arabsat, stated that "Through our participation in this show, we are looking forward to presenting our services provided to the African continent, as our 5th Generation Satellites are covering the entire African continent broadcasting TV, telecommunications and Internet satellite services. Arabsat Satellites also broadcast dedicated bouquets over North Africa and other dedicated bouquets over the whole African continent including TV & telecom broadcast, in addition to the existence of several ground satellite stations inside Africa connected to the European and the Asian satellite ground stations to provide Internet services and mobile networking. ARABSAT will also showcase the capabilities of its 6th generation satellites, scheduled to be launched next year which will provide extra massive satellite capacities covering the whole African continent and its potential market with full in Orbit – back up.

Balkhyour concluded that “We are currently working hard on several important strategic projects to operate many of our new orbital positions and keep up with our customers increasing needs, maintaining Arabsat status as the best choice to provide customers’ needs in satellite broadcasting & Telecommunication services.”

Public Relations and Media,
Founded in 1976 by the 21 member-states of the Arab League, Arabsat has been serving the growing needs of the Arab world for over 40 years, operating from its headquarter in Riyadh-KSA and two Satellite control stations in Riyadh and Tunis.

Now one of the world’s top satellite operators and by far the leading satellite services provider in the Arab world, it carries over 500 TV channels, 200 radio stations, pay-tv networks and wide variety of HD channels reaching tens of millions of homes in more than 80 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Europe—including an audience of over 170 million viewers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region alone tuned into Arabsat’s video “hotspot” at 26° E.

Operating a growing fleet of owned satellites at the 20°E, 26°E, 30.5°E, 39°E and 44.5°E, ARABSAT is the only satellite operator in the MENA region offering the full spectrum of Broadcast, Telecommunications and Broadband services. This capacity will continue to expand with the launching of new satellites, making ARABSAT satellites’ fleet the youngest in the region.

Arabsat also maintains strategic partnerships with most of the world's leading satellite companies and VAS integrators and with the acquisition of Hellas Sat, one of the leading telecom groups in southeastern Europe, These partnerships and acquisitions continue to expand Arabsat's reach with new orbital slots and frequency rights, allowing customers to reach farther than ever and deliver content and state-of-the-art solutions to any end-viewers audience or business partner around the world.

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