arab satellite communications organization
Arabsat currently operates 5 satellites, at 3 orbital positions, 20°East, 26°East and 30.5°East : Arabsat-5C at 20°East, BADR-4, BADR-5 and BADR-6 all co-located at 26°East and Arabsat-5A at 30.5°East.

With two very recently launched satellites, plus three cutting-edge technology ones soon to be added to, or replacing, those already in orbit, Arabsat is operating by far the youngest constellation of spacecrafts over the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) area, hence offering the most secure, reliable, and versatile fleet, making it the only satellite operator based in the region proposing the full spectrum of Broadcast and Telecommunications services with "hot" in-orbit back-up and guaranteed long-term expansion space capacity.

These latest technology birds are equipped to provide, not only the highest downlink power over the widest coverage area than any other satellite fleet around, but also services in the most recent bands --including Ka-band for innovative interactive services, in addition to enabling an extraordinary complete access to European markets, all through either one single Pan- Arab+Europe extended beam, a purely Pan-Arab/MENA zone beam, or highly sophisticatedly designed Market-Specific Spot beams.