arab satellite communications organization

  “SEE-digit-ALL®” Over Africa!
Introducing "SEE-digit-ALL" the C-band African broadcasting service with two digital TV bouquets (Arabsat and Al Jazeera bouquets) plus a number of extra channels at 20° East (on Arabsat-5C).
To satisfy the large demand expressed by its African viewers, Arabsat is now broadcasting 40 Free-to-Air TV channels over a large part of Africa.

The broadcast of these two bouquets towards the African continent constitutes Arabsat’s initial step of an ambitious commitment to provide its African audience with the largest possible choice of FREE-to-AIR TV channels over Africa.
Many more channels will complement these on Arabsat-5C, Arabsat's newest satellite at 20°East equipped with an innovative powerful C-band beam reaching 100% of the African continent households.
To watch Free-To-Air TV Channels on Arabsat-5C @ 20°East, just perform these simple steps on your existing dish:

1. Point your satellite dish to Arabsat-5C @ 20°East.
2. Retrofit your satellite dish LNB (Low Noise Block) by adding a dielectric slab or plate made from a properly-sized rectangular piece of Teflon and positioned in the circular throat at a 45° angle, as shown.

Note: For best results, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional satellite dish installer to perform these steps.